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Science on Screen wraps up with Luis Llosa’s 1997 adventure film ANACONDA featuring Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Danny Trejo and Owen Wilson. A documentary film crew sets out on a journey up the Amazon River, where they encounter a snake-hunter in pursuit of a giant anaconda. The film, now considered a cult classic, inspired renewed worldwide interest in anacondas, though the unstoppable Jaws-style creature in the movie is not quite a fully accurate depiction of real anaconda behavior. Rated PG-13  Director: Luis Llosa (US 1997) 89 min.

The film will be followed by a conversation with Phil Tacata, an instructor with the Petaluma Wildlife Museum, and Bella Sessi, the Museum’s animal care tech.

The nonprofit Petaluma Wildlife & Natural Science Museum, a multi-room institution on the campus of Petaluma High School, is largest student-run museum of its kind in the U.S. Its collection includes over 100 taxidermy animals and dozens of live species, including a large number of snakes.

THURSDAY, JUNE 24 • 7:00

$12.50 General  |  $9. Senior • Youth • Matinée  |  $7 CFI Members

This presentation is part of SCIENCE ON SCREEN®, a series pairing film screenings with lively scientific discussions – an initiative of the Coolidge Corner Theatre
with major support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.