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Sentaro (Masatoshi Nagase) is a loner running a modest bakery that serves dorayakis, pancakes filled with sweet red bean paste. When 76-year-old Tokue (Kirin Kiki) presses him for a low-paying part-time job, Sentaro accepts reluctantly, but it turns out that Tokue’s secret recipe for sweet bean paste has the pastries suddenly flying off the shelf. However, along with culinary skill, cheerfulness and sensitivity to nature, Tokue also hides an affliction that could isolate them both. Using cookery to explore her perennial theme of communication with the natural world, filmmaker Naomi Kawase creates a graceful ode to the invisible essences of existence and addresses the discrimination that can unfairly segregate people from each other. In Japanese with English subtitles. Writer/Director: Naomi Kawase. (Japan 2015) 113 min.

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