(Dom over död man)

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Swedish master filmmaker Jan Troell (The Emigrants) dramatizes the true story of Torgny Segerstedt, a leading newspaper editor whose ferocious public opposition to Hitler and Nazism caused controversy when Sweden adopted a position of neutrality during World War II. Jesper Christensen stars as Segerstedt, a commanding and provocative personality in the world’s eye, but one who could be maddeningly equivocal in his relationships with his wife Puste (Ulla Skoog), his mistress Maja (Pernilla August) and his daughter Ingrid (Yohanna Troell). In his lyrical and beautiful film, Troell (who frequently operates his own camera) explores the complicated politics of Sweden and Europe in the 1930s and 40s while exposing the complexity and contradictions of human behavior. In Swedish with English subtitles. Writers: Klaus Rifbjerg, Jan Troell. Director: Jan Troell. (Sweden 2012) 124 min.

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The Rafael continues its celebration of Troell’s filmmaking career that began with his residency in 2010 during which audiences enjoyed a week-long retrospective of his work—an experience that inspired him to continue his efforts in completing The Last Sentence.

“I was so honored by your and your audience’s inspiring company and enthusiasm…This event was the highlight of this year and it gave me so much strength to continue the work on my next film.”
– Jan Troell, Writer / Director

The Last Sentence screened at the 2013 Mill Valley Film Festival. A leader of Swedish cinema for over 50 years, Troell was lauded at an MVFF36 Insight, a special program that offered an in depth conversation about his art and career.

Read The New York Times’ insightful article about Troell and The Last Sentence.

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