Come to the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center, where movies look better than ever!

At the California Film Institute, we strive to offer our audiences not only the best film work from around the world, but also the finest-quality presentation. It’s always thrilling for us to have filmmakers in attendance and watch their personal reactions to the way their work looks and sounds at the Rafael.

Recently we acquired new digital equipment that provides a significant upgrade to the Rafael experience. 4K resolution represents an improvement over standard high definition, offering a crisper and more detailed image. And our new laser-based projection system provides superior brightness and color spectrum. The result is a more vibrant and immersive experience for the audience.

In celebration of our new setup, we offer this special series of 4K restorations showcasing films best enjoyed on the big screen. Some films originate from high-resolution film formats, and all promise revelations in screen quality.

We would like to thank Henry O. Timnick for contributing to the Rafael’s new technical enhancement.

ADMISSION: $12.50 General  |  $9. Senior • Youth • Matinée  |  $7 CFI Members