63 UP


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“If this is the final chapter, as Apted suggests it could be, it’s a worthy cap to one of the boldest experiments in world cinema.”
– Chris Willman, Variety

Michael Apted’s evolving masterwork, the Up series which has now reached 63 Up, is unique in the annals of cinema and cultural history. 7 Up was created for British television in 1964, intended as a program that looked at education in the class system in England. Apted has revisited the group of young people he documented at that time every seven years—with varying degrees of cooperation as these kids grew up. The stories are extraordinary and chronicle not just the British class system but many of our prejudices and preconceptions. Remember the little boy who wanted to be a jockey? And the one who knew exactly what university he would be going to from the age of 7? The one who became a filmmaker and refused to continue in the project. The one who became homeless. Here is the ninth installment of this legendary series. Director Michael Apted (UK 2019) 138 min

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