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“This extraordinary film allows viewers to bear witness to courage and dedication in their finest forms…” – Anne Hornaday, Washington Post

Oscar® nominee Feras Feyyad (Last Man in Aleppo) delivers an unflinching story of the Syrian war with his powerful new documentary, The Cave. For besieged civilians, hope and safety lie underground, inside the subterranean hospital known as ‘the Cave’, where pediatrician and managing physician Dr. Amani Ballour and her colleagues have claimed their right to work as equals alongside their male counterparts, doing their jobs in a way that would be unthinkable in the oppressively patriarchal culture that exists above. Following the women as they contend with daily bombardments, chronic supply shortages and the ever-present threat of chemical attacks, The Cave paints a stirring portrait of courage, resilience, and female solidarity. Rated PG-13. In Arabic and English with English subtitles. Director Ferras Fayyad (Syria 2019) 102 min

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