Black stories take the spotlight in these 7 short films that share the joy, determination, resilience, and complexity of being Black and young. Explore a range of genres and styles in a program that spans the globe.

Ages 9+  |  76 min.


SUNDAY, JUNE 18 • 4:00
MONDAY, JUNE 19 • 4:00


COMIC ESCAPE – A young boy unexpectedly finds a comic book that changes his reality.
United States, Live Action, Alphonso McAuley, 2021, 15 min.  In English

CUPIDS – This whimsical comedy love letter to New York’s essential workers follows a whole class on the last day of school as they scheme to find the perfect partner for their adored bus driver, Ms. Cheryl, and save her from a lonely summer without them.
United States, Live Action, Zoey Martinson, 2021, 10 min. In English

GENERATION IMPACT: THE CODER – Jay Jay Patton was only 13 when she designed and built an app to help kids connect with their incarcerated parents, inspired by her own experience. Now she is creating a coding academy to help other kids do the same.
United States, Documentary, Samantha Knowles, 2021, 7 min.  In English

MY NAME IS MAALUM – Maalum comes from a home surrounded by love and Afro-centered references. When her classmates tease her about her name, Maluum discovers the lovely legacy of her name and ancestry.
Brazil, Animation, Luísa Copetti, 2021, 8 min. In Portuguese, with English subtitles

THE NIGHT I LEFT AMERICA – While anxiously awaiting the results of his mother’s visa renewal request, a teenage boy living in Texas conjures memories of his life in Uganda.
Uganda, United States, Live Action, Laki Karavias, 2021, 14 min. English and Luganda with English subtitles

ROOM RODEO – Grounded and with a last-minute school project due, Jamil takes matters into his own hands in order to prove he is the great grandson of a legendary Black cowboy.
United States, Live Action, Daniel Kayamba, 2021, 14 min. In English 

WOLF AND CUB  – A father and son cross a world of imagination in order to return their mother’s forgotten lunch.
United States, Animation, Marvin Bynoe, 2021, 8 min. In English