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SATURDAY, JULY 11 • 7:00
This Program is Free – Registration Required

For over 40 years, media artist John Sanborn has created work that dodges the distinctions between sound, music, storytelling, and rhythm. His investigation continues to this day with live performance and multi-channel installations using adapted forms of musical structures. Come Stream with Me presents a portrait of how an artist visualizes what it is to listen; to give substance to the sounds around us, and rethink how we deal with moving images and sound – together. These nine short, music-themed works examine the structure and inherent nature of music in collision with storytelling conceits.

The 90-minute program will intermingle works by Sanborn with an interactive Q&A in real-time response to audience questions; moderated by Zoë Elton, MVFF Director of Programming

Prince | 2020 | 5:24min
In collaboration with the queer-core band COMMANDO; featuring lyrics and performance by Lynn Breedlove. Created quickly under Covid19 protocols, and produced like a jam session – Prince is a “home movie” that is a soulful, intimate, and confessional memorial to the personal influence of a fearless gender warrior.

The Shock of Gary Fisher | 2020 | 5:19min
In collaboration with the queer-core band COMMANDO; featuring lyrics and performance by Juba Kalamka. The work explodes with instances of the impact of a prior death-dealing virus on queer black men, personified by the loss of Gary Fisher, a groundbreaking poet who died before ever having published a word.

Sorry | 2018 | 3:26min
A simple song written when I realized we were all being forced to apologize for being who we are – and how strongly our sorrow connects us. Music by David Meyer.

I Don’t Care | 2016 | 4:45min
Frustrated and feeling helpless, my reaction to the troubles of the world as they overwhelm us all is to lash out in all directions. Music by David Meyer.

Untitled | 1998 | 10:48min
Created with choreographer Bill T. Jones to memorialize the passing of his partner Arnie Zane from AIDS, and delivered in a media-based performance that could survive beyond the years, but only need to be danced once.

Perfect Lives (excerpts) | 1983 | 7:08min
Robert Ashley’s epic “opera for television” is considered the most influential vocal work of the 20th century. Perfect Lives is a comic opera about reincarnation.

ACT III | 1983 | 6:28min
At once a work of visual music and a music video, this work created with Dean Winkler and set to music by Philip Glass, is a crowd pleaser and was Nam June Paik’s favorite work of video art.

Ear to the Ground | 1981 | 4:26min
A man with mallets and a hat plays the streets of New York as if it were one gigantic instrument. Starring David Van Tieghem in a classic work from the 80’s.

Entropy & Order | 1979 | 3:24min
Hidden in the minutia of life lies a series of disturbing percussive acts, scattered by physics and organized by the human mind.


God in 3 Persons (MoMA NY)
An excerpt from a video/theater collaboration with the anonymous band The Residents, that premiered at MoMA this past January. Hard and Tenderly introduces us to the mystical conjoined Twins and the darkly fascinating Mr. X.