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As naturalist Charles Darwin (Paul Bettany) begins work on his world-changing book, “On the Origin of Species,” he finds himself not only in conflict with the Church, but his own wife (Jennifer Connelly), whose deep faith puts her at odds with the man she loves (and with whom she conceived 10 children). Roger Ebert praised “Creation” (2008) for its “beautiful series of digressions into the natural world, in which we observe everyday applications of the survival of the fittest.” At its heart, however, “Creation” is a love story. Director: Jon Amiel (UK 2009) 108 min.

After the screening, join us for a stimulating post-film chat with science-writer Emily Willingham, author of the 2021 book “Phallacy: Life Lessons from the Animal Penis,” described by Dr. Jen Gunter (author of “The Vagina Bible”) as “an entertaining romp that is as much about evolution as it is about the penis.”  Willingham will probably talk about animal sex, and perhaps a bit about the Darwin’s fertile family, and certainly how the film captures (or perhaps fails to capture) Evolution’s mighty creative power to produce Earth’s “endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful.”

TUESDAY, MARCH 22 • 7:00

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