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DocLands Film Festival 2022 conversation with EXPOSING MUYBRIDGE director Marc Shaffer, moderated by DocLands Programmer Michelle Svenson.


The story of Eadward Muybridge is one of adventure, invention, treachery, and triumph. Some know him as the creator of the zoopraxiscope (a late-nineteenth-century invention that spurred the birth of cinema), others for his photographs of the American West, but most may have never heard of him at all. With remarkable intimacy, this well-researched retrospective, and winner of the 2022 Writers Guild Award (WGA) for best Documentary Screenplay, reveals the fascinating life of an uncontainable man whose far-reaching legacy preserved Native American history and inspired scientific advancement and artistic innovation. With an engaging score, stunning archival photos, and the wit of famous Muybridge collector (and actor) Gary Oldman, Exposing Muybridge brings the bizarre and ingenious inventor’s story to life. Director: Marc Shaffer (US 2021) 88 min.

SATURDAY. SEPT. 24 • 7:00

$12.50 General  |  $9. Senior • Youth • Matinée  |  $7 CFI Members