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After receiving some devastating news that catapulted him into fear, Australian filmmaker Bill Bennett set off around the world to seek out experts, hoping to learn how to best handle his fear. The film that resulted, Facing Fear, features world renowned scientists, therapists medical researchers and physicians, as well as metaphysicians, who examine fear from their own unique perspectives. The film discusses the biology of fear, the culture of fear, whether love is the antidote to fear, how fear is shaping our world, and how we can get to understand our fears and even befriend them so that they cease to become a destructive force in our lives. Interspersed with stunning visual footage shot in remote areas of Tasmania, the broad and diverse range of interviews in Facing Fear cumulatively provide a unique insight into the mechanics and metaphysics of fear. Ultimately the film provides hope and inspiration, and the tools to manage our fears so that we can use this much maligned emotion to lead a richer more productive life. Franklin D Roosevelt famously said: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Facing Fear will show that there’s no need to fear our fear. In fact, if fear is properly understood and managed, it can become a powerful agent for transformation. Director: Bill Bennett (AU 2022) 87 min.


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