Well, here’s another nice mess we’re getting you into! In 1927 producer Hal Roach and supervising director Leo McCarey started to pair two talented performers in their films, and it wasn’t long before Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy became the legendary comedy team we know today. This laugh-filled program of four silent classics, all from 1927, illustrates “The Boys” forging their path in history.

In Duck Soup, as vagrants hiding in an unoccupied mansion, Stan and Ollie are remarkably close to the characters they would eventually develop. Flying Elephants is set in the Stone Age, with hapless cavemen Laurel and Hardy competing for the affections of a cave-girl flapper. In the delightful Putting Pants on Philip, Hardy meets his kilt-wearing Scottish nephew Laurel and is determined to fit him with a good ol’ American pair of pants. The Battle of the Century, for decades a partially-lost film, has a recognizable Stan and Ollie at the center and a climactic scene using more than 3,000 cream pies.

All these silent comedies have been lovingly restored and outfitted with new musical scores.
Program approximately 90 min.

$13.25 General | $9.75 Seniors & Youth | $7.75 CAFILM members