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“A compulsively engrossing account of a career notable for its gutsy, confrontational attitude toward the power brokers in business and politics.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“The result is a prismatic portrait, a movie that sits at the intersection of long-form journalism and riveting documentary.” – The Wrap

Over the course of a seventy-year career, Mike Wallace was there. From Night Beat to The Mike Wallace Interview to 60 Minutes, Wallace electrified the viewing public with probing interviews, tackling head-on luminary and infamous figures of international business, politics, and culture. One of the starkest, most unflappable, and surprising interviewers, Wallace’s tireless pursuit of the truth stands in dramatic contrast to the media landscape of 2019. Relying exclusively on archival television records from the 60 Minutes vault, filmmaker Avi Belkin delves deep into Wallace’s life, work, and legacy, unearthing decades of never-before-seen footage to tell the story of Wallace’s groundbreaking career, which redefined what viewers came to expect from broadcast news and indelibly contributed to the evolution of investigative journalism as we know it. Director: Avi Belkin (US 2019) 94 min

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