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Academy Award ®-winning actress and local Bolinas resident Frances McDormand narrates Rebels with a Cause, a tale about activists, dreamers, and schemers who fought to keep wealthy developers from taking over – and destroying – breathtaking Northern California natural landscapes. These rebels – despite reversals, diversions, and disappointments – persisted in their mission for more than twenty years, fostered a national movement to preserve open spaces, and continue to shape the environmental movement of today. Beautiful cinematic footage, clever animation, moving interviews and a very compelling story are deftly woven together in a tale that is especially meaningful for contemporary times. In English. Not Rated. Director: Nancy Kelly (US 2013) 74 min.

In tribute to leaders of the movement that inspired Rebels with a Cause, director Nancy Kelly and producer Kenji Yamamoto have provided us with a taped introduction and have shared a memorial video they created for Huey Johnson’s family.  Huey Johnson and Marty Griffin (who just turned 100) helped to create a national movement to preserve open space through their actions here in Marin county.

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