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When he was only nine, Guor Marial ran from his refugee camp in war-torn Sudan to seek safety in the US. In his new life, Marial began running again, participating in high school track and field and eventually becoming a sensation, qualifying for the 2012 Olympics. But because the newly formed South Sudan was not recognized by the International Olympics committee, Marial had to fight to compete independently, refusing to run for Sudan and taking a stand against its oppression. Runner depicts Mairal’s difficult and triumphant journey from refugee to world-renowned athlete, an inspirational story in which the indomitable human spirit emerges against all odds – and has us urging those in power to choose to do the right thing. In English. Not Rated. Director: Bill Gallagher (US 2019) 88 min.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 19  •  9:00 PT
Livestream conversation with film director Bill Gallagher.
Moderated by DocLands Director of Programming, Joni Cooper.

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