Join some of the Bay Area’s funniest people for an evening of off-the-wall holiday stories read aloud, live and on stage. With host David Templeton as guide, celebrated stand-up comics Johnny Steele, Vincent Van Dahl (host of “Creature Features”), Diane Amos, Debi Durst, Michael O’Brien and Geoff Bolt will present five truly twisted tales: a plate of unsuspecting cookies is left out for Santa Claus; a policeman faces an infestation of body-snatching mistletoe; a kidnapped professor goes on a fantastic voyage through Santa’s magical vascular system; a holiday dinner is served up with a sinister twist, and the beloved “A Night Before Christmas” is dissected and explained in hilarious and surprising detail. Comical singer-songwriter Roy Zimmerman will join the fun, which includes a sprinkling of short Christmas-skewering films and the ceremonial tossing of snowballs (the edible kind) into the audience.

Readers: Diane Amos, Geoff Bolt, Debi Durst, Michael O’Brien, Johnny Steele and Vincent Van Dahl.
Other onstage participants: musician Roy Zimmerman, comedian Dave Pokorny, host David Templeton

All proceeds benefit Bay Area comedian Will Durst, who suffered a stroke three years ago. Kick off the holidays with something truly unforgettable.

TUESDAY, DEC. 6 • 7:00

(all proceeds from ticket sales go to support Will Durst; other opportunities to contribute will be available at the show)